Top 10 things to do over the summer with kids

stargazing with kidsThe long school holidays have arrived yet again and there will certainly be some days when you’re wondering what things to over the summer.  Here’s my list of the top 10 things to do!


1 – Explore your local nature spots

Summer is an excellent time to seek out new to you spots to discover nature.  Although big reserves owned by the RSPB and the Wildlife Trust are great to go along to, don’t forget about the small woodland that’s just down the road or even just a hidden pathway that might lead to a pond.

Nature spots don’t have to be big to be worthwhile to visit.  Check out your local council website as well as they might detail on there all the council managed spaces.  You might be surprised at what is around that you’ve missed!


2 – Camp out in the garden and look for stars

Camping is an amazing experience, but you don’t need to go on holiday to get it.  If you have a garden big enough then a night outside in a tent will make some lasting memories.

Take chairs and blankets and sit outside in the evening to watch the stars and see if you can recognise any constellations.  If you time it right you could camp outside at the time of the Perseid Meteor shower and look out for shooting stars!


3 – Go to the beach

Going to the beach is great, especially if you don’t get to go very often.  Pack up a UV beach shelter, a picnic and some buckets and spades and head on out.  Kids just love playing in the sand and dipping their toes in the sea.  Maybe you’ll spend the day playing games or find some lovely shells, or seaweed?  Perhaps you’ll find a crab and other sea life!


4 – Dance in the rain

We’re bound to get some rainy days over the summer, that’s Britain!  Instead of wondering what to do, why not get outside and take advantage of being able to get wet while it’s not that cold.  Dance in the rain, find some puddles to splash in and have a lot of fun!  Waterproofs will help but if it’s warm enough just get out there!


5 – Learn a new outdoor sport – for fun or seriously

things to do over summerWhether you join your kids up for a new class or activities over the summer months, picking up and learning a new outdoor sport is a great plan.  Maybe just get some badminton racquets for the garden or a football goal?

If your child isn’t so much in to team games, how about something like juggling?


6 – Go on a picnic

Take some food, plenty to drink, lots of sunscreen and a blanket and make a day of a trip out.  It doesn’t need to be anywhere special – just to the local playpark will do!  Grabbing a picnic and setting off for the day means that you can really slow down and enjoy a place.  The kids can run around, look for nature, do cartwheels, whatever takes their fancy, and know that they can come back to you for a quick drink and bite to eat.  No rush to get anywhere and do anything, just enjoying the day outside!


7 – Watch a thunderstorm

Thunderstorms can feel a little scary for some kids, so when the next one comes around, gather up some blankets, a nice drink and maybe a treat and watch from the safety of your own living room!  By making it a fun experience it will help little ones who are worried to remember it as a time when they got to sit with their mum or dad and watch.

Count the time it takes from when lightening strikes to when the thunder roars and you’ll be bringing in some sneaky science too!


8 – Water fun

Nothing says summer like splashing around in a paddling pool or having a water fight.  You don’t need anything special or fancy equipment – why not just take an old pop bottle and make some small holes in the bottom for a sprinkler effect or make a hole in the top so you can squirt out the water.  It’s a great way to cool down on the hottest days.


9 – Create a nature journal

Yellow flowerNature journals can really help bring a bit of structure and purpose to being outside and looking for nature.  Knowing that what they see can be drawn or written about can just give that bit more of a push to get outdoors.

Nature journals don’t have to be overly serious though, they can be fun and as sporadic as you like as well.  In our nature journals we like to draw, paint and sometimes add poems if we can find one that suits.

Read more about creating journals here.


10 – Make some outdoor art

Maybe you’re at the beach and find some beautiful shells that are begging to be turned in to a pretty picture, or maybe you’re picking daisies while you’re having a picnic.  Can you make a picture or a sculpture with what you find?

White pebble henge art on the beach
Pebble Henge sculpture!


Enjoy your summer!


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