Snow activities for kids – what to do when it snows!

Snow days are such fun and if you’re anything like us you really relish when one comes along – we don’t get them that often!  There are so many ways to have fun in the snow – it’s tempting to just shove the kids outdoors (dressed appropriately of course!) and leave them to it and yes that’s a great course of action.  But if they get bored easily or if you feel they might like a little direction, here’s some great ideas for snow activities for kids:

  1. Snow ball fight – make sure to draw up some rules like no compacted snow balls and no aiming for the face.  Also a good idea to make sure everyone knows to stop once someone asks them to.
  2. Make snow angels.  Super fun and easy – you can cover your garden in them if you have a big enough one!
  3. Make a snow man – if you haven’t got lots of snow you can try making a mini family perhaps or even many just a snow dog?
  4. Build an igloo – older kids might love the challenge of making the snow into blocks and arranging them to create an igloo.  This is especially good if you have some heavy snow.
  5. Sledging – if you have a hill nearby then getting a sledge out and going for some fun rides down it is a great plan.  It’s fun for all ages too!
  6. Make the first prints in the snow!  There’s nothing more special than being the first footprints in freshly fallen snow – make a trail for a friend or parent to follow or make a design you can see from a bedroom window!
  7. Check for animal footprints.  Find evidence of a dog going for a walk, a cat going for a wander or even some birds hopping around and looking for food.
  8. Search for icicles – are any hanging from the shed?  How about from the house?  Which is the biggest?
  9. Snow art – get a stick and make some fun pictures in the snow.  Again this is a great one if the snow isn’t enough for snowman building.  You could encourage writing in the snow too.
  10. Go for a walk and listen.  It’s amazing how different the world sounds with a blanket of snow.

What’s your favourite ways of playing in the snow?  If you have any ideas then pop them in the comment box and I’ll add them to the list.

See here for more ideas on things to do with kids in winter and if you’re looking for ideas for days out with the kids in the colder months I have some thoughts for you here.


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