Lascal Buggy Board Mini vs Maxi – which is better?

parent walking with child and pushchair

Imagine the scene above – you’ve gone out for a nice walk in the park with your toddler and new baby in a pushchair.  You’re relishing in getting some fresh air, the baby is sleeping and your toddler is having heaps of fun running around, spotting flowers, squirrels and bugs.   A perfect day?  It … Read more

Things to do in Winter with kids

things to do in winter with kids

Getting outside with the kids in winter is one of those things that seem great in theory but it harder to pull of in real life!  You can imagine all being snug in winter jackets, scarves and hats and enjoying a crisp day but the hard part is getting moving so that you can enjoy … Read more

Let’s go on a bat walk!

bat walk

Bats are really mysterious creatures, not helped by tales of vampires and images in movies.  Going on a bat walk can bring you much closer to these animals and help you learn lots about them. Finding local bat walks Quite often you’ll find that local nature groups or bat conservationists will run bat walks.  If … Read more

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